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Residential Owner (Single and Multi Family) Accounts

An Owner of a Residential Property is someone who has purchased a single family residence, multi-family complex or parcel and has assumed responsibility for all water related billing charges. If you are an owner of a residential property needing water services and would like to open a new account with the Palmdale Water District, download information for either Single Family Residences (Spanish) or Multi Family Complexes (Spanish) to get started.

REO Accounts

A Real Estate Agent (Broker) of Residential Property is the representative who has been contacted by the Mortgage Company (Lending Institution) who is/will be the legal owner of a single family residence or parcel. The Lender has contacted the broker to assume responsibility for all water related billing and charges. Download our Realtor Application to help you assemble the required documents, which may be faxed or presented to a PWD representative in person.

Developer Accounts

If you are a developer of residential tract properties and would like to open new account(s) with the Palmdale Water District, download our Developer Water Service Application to get started.

Commercial and Industrial Accounts

Commercial, Industrial and Irrigation properties are businesses that accommodate retail sales or manufacturing. This includes owners or entities leasing the property who are assuming responsibility for all water related billing and charges. If you are a owner or leasing a commercial or industrial property and would like to open new account(s) with the Palmdale Water District, download our Commercial/Industrial/Irrigation Water Service Application to get started.

Temporary Accounts

The Palmdale Water District recognizes two types of temporary service accounts. These temporary accounts can only be applied for in person at the main office.

Temporary Cleaning and Maintenance Account
These accounts are often used by property management and/or realtors to clean and prepare a residence for move-in by a tenant. Download our Temporary Cleaning and Maintenance Account Application here.

Temporary Construction Account
These accounts are issued when construction water is being used by development for underground utility construction, dust control, finish grade earthwork and limited rough grading projects. For more information, please contact the District’s Engineering Department.

Land Development

If you need to establish water service for new development, visit our Land Development page for step-by-step instructions on how to get service established.

Variance and Leak Adjustments

Variance Request for Increased Water Use Allocation

The standard default value for the number of residents in a single family residence is 4. If your household number exceeds 4 people, download the PWD Variance Increase Request Form (Spanish) and submit it to the District with the appropriate documentation for an increase in water use allocation.

Leak Adjustments

A courtesy adjustment is available to customers who go over their water use allocation caused by extraordinary water consumption due to leaks. If you would like to apply for Leak Adjustment, review our Leak Adjustment Policy and submit the Leak Adjustment Request Form (Spanish).

Rate Assistance Program Application

Rate Assistance Program

The Palmdale Water District is excited to be introducing a Rate Assistance Program . This program will offer rate assistance to low-income households by covering up to 50% of monthly service charges. Customers must meet key factors and eligibility requirements of the program.  Rate Assistance Program Application (Spanish).

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