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Water News April/May 2011

The new website was designed and created with you, the customer, in mind. Easy management of accounts, paying bills, finding service applications, rebate forms, educational projects and programs, and employment opportunities are among the website features available right at your fingertips!

Water News April 2011

Customers will no longer receive separate late notice billing. In the near future, monthly water bills will state the amount you owe with a “pay by this date” and an amount to be paid after the due date. To prevent additional charges please send your payment in before the due date.

Water News February/March 2011

At the December 22nd Board meeting, Palmdale Water District’s Board of Directors approved the 2011 Budget and reduced the Elevation Booster Surcharge. The Board of Directors were pleased with the cuts taken by staff and approved the 2011 Budget.

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