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Palmdale Water District Regional Recharge and Recovery Project

To meet future water demands by developing groundwater “banking” to store available water underground during normal years, replenish groundwater supplies, and save for future dry periods.

The proposed project would deliver water from the California Aqueduct (State Water Project – SWP), and potentially recycled water, to a new recharge basin. The project would include pipelines to carry water to the recharge basins, recovery wells to extract, and pumping stations to deliver. The project includes a new 80-acre recharge basin on an undeveloped 160-acre site, a 2-acre distribution site, 16 recovery wells, and 25 miles of pipeline.

Based on water supply and growth projections, at the current rate of consumption, our water supply could be running at a deficit by 2021. Planning ahead and accomplishing this project would prevent that deficit from occurring.

The recommended project alternative not only provides PWD with a reliable water supply solution for the foreseeable future, but also provides the most cost-effective solution when analyzed over a long-term period.

Palmdale Water District Regional Recharge and Recovery Project Animation and Flyover

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