Press Release- Year Five of Drought: Water Conservation is a Way of Life

Palmdale, CA- California has experienced what spectators would describe as the end to a dry-spell. Reports released early Thursday morning by the U.S Drought Monitor, indicate that just over 51% of California remains in a “moderate” to “extreme” drought and no part of the state was noted as being in an “exceptional” drought anymore.

Despite favorable reports, the state will more than likely keep drought conservation rules in place. State officials anticipate permanently banning water wasting habits such as spraying down sidewalks with water hoses and continue to prohibit the use of sprinklers for 48 hours after measurable rainfall. The State Water Resources Control Board has not yet made their final decision and will be discussing drought conservation regulations at the next meeting that will be held on February 7, 2017.

The Palmdale Water District has made it a priority to expand its water resources by utilizing recycled water and eventually making it available to its customers. As a community we benefit from local water supplies by minimizing Palmdale’s reliance on outside sources. The District has developed an innovative project called The Palmdale Groundwater Recharge and Recovery Project that would make regionally produced water viable and a forward-looking staple in our community.

“With the drought looming for the past five years now, conservation has become a way of life for many throughout the state,” said Joe Estes, Board Member of the Palmdale Water District. “Districts have had to plan for shortages and invest in reinforcing their water reserves. At PWD we are looking at using recycled water in our future. We plan on continuing to supply our current and future customers with high quality water.”

Needless to say, Palmdale Water District and its customers have done a great job at conserving water. Since regulations were first adopted in 2010 we have not had issues complying with water conservation efforts.

Customers have resorted to removing their lawn and replacing with desert friendly Xeriscape. The District has offered in the past the Cash for Grass program but due to its popularity has exhausted its funds.  Should funds become available in the future customers could visit our website or check our Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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