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Development Fees

The following is a list of the typical fees associated with the new development of land. Developers should contact the District’s Engineering Department to obtain the applicable fees for all projects.

Capital Improvement Fee
Contact Engineering at 661-441-5949 for further information.

Current Capital Improvement Fee Schedule

Assessment Parity Charge
Assessment Parity Charges are based on the gross acreage of developments that have not been previously served and are assessed on the per acre rate for the project’s elevation zone as follows:

2800′ & 2850′ 2950′ & 3000′ 3200′ & 3250′ 3400′ & 3400’+
$600.00/acre $803/acre $1013/acre $1013/acre

Lake Drainage Fee
Lake Drainage Assessment Fees are based on the gross acreage of developments that have not been previously served lying within the boundary of land which conveys drainage or storm water run-off to Lake Palmdale. Said fees are assessed at a rate of $1,201.56 per acre.


Front Footage Fee
Front Footage Fees are collectible from developers whose projects propose subsequent connection to water mains constructed by others possessing an active Water Main Extension Reimbursement Agreement. Said fees are assessed along the entire portion of the project frontage which is available for subsequent connection at a rate of $4 per diameter inch foot of water main. Upon connection, said amounts are refundable to the Developer listed in the agreement.

Plan Check & Inspection Deposits
Contact the Engineering Department at 661-441-5949.

Construction Costs for Single Service Connection Installed by the District
The pipeline must be existing and eligible for connection. The fees listed below are in addition to the development fees associated with the applicable elevation zone.

Size Cost
¾” Service $2,700 Deposit
1” Service $3,000 Flat Fee
1.5” Service $3,400 Flat Fee
2” Service $3,700 Flat Fee

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