Doing Business with PWD

Doing BusinessWelcome to Purchasing. Thank you for your interest in working with the District. PWD is committed to maintaining a fair and open purchasing process for both the District and its vendors while striving to obtain the best possible products/services for the District in a financially prudent manner.

Purchasing primarily focuses on goods and services while Engineering handles the more detailed public works construction projects such as pipeline replacement. Purchasing partners with the various departments to obtain quality goods and services at the best competitive price and terms and recognizes the importance of vendor input.

Purchases under $25,000 are made using an informal bid process which generally includes obtaining a minimum of three quotes. Purchasing partners with department end users to develop specifications. Vendors are contracted for quotes via phone, e-mail, or fax. Quotes are evaluated and a vendor is selected. As a public entity the primary basis of award is price, however, in addition to cost, factors such as delivery schedule, compatibility, warranty, and references may be considered.

Purchases over $25,000 are made through a formal sealed bid process. Bids are advertised, complete bid packets with detailed specifications are made available to interested parties, bids are publicly opened at a specified date and time, and the final award must be approved by Board of Directors prior to a purchase order being generated.

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