The Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) was implemented by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) on June 7, 1991. The purpose of LCR is to protect public health by minimizing lead (Pb) and copper (Cu) levels in drinking water, primarily by reducing water corrosivity. Pb and Cu enter drinking water mainly from corrosion of Pb and Cu containing plumbing materials.

Lead and Copper Rule references:

– EPA Lead & Copper Rule

PDF of the Public Education Pamphlet

Palmdale Water District is required to monitor for Pb and Cu triennially (every three years) from taps within pre-selected homes/buildings. For this reason, we need your assistance in collecting first draw samples. There are two links below that provide information regarding proper sampling procedures for Lead and Copper.  The video will show you the basic steps required to collect a sample for Lead and Copper.  The Sampling Instructions are step by step directions for sample collection.  Please view the video and read the instructions in preparation for our “once every three year” Lead and Copper sampling event.

We plan to collect the samples during the first week of June.

Lead and Copper Sampling Links

Lead and Copper Sampling Video

Lead and Copper Sampling Instructions (English and Spanish)

The Palmdale Water District would like to thank you for your cooperation and participation in this water quality monitoring.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Amanda Thompson – (661) 456-1178

Para Español:

Mynor Masaya – (661) 456-1185

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