Water Rates/Fee Schedule

Water savingThe District developed the water rate structure to encourage efficient use of water and discourage waste by providing users a water budget allocation suited to their specific needs. The tiers in the water budget rates are defined individually for each customer as shown.

Palmdale Water District water rates, effective January 2019. These funds will be used to replace aging water pipelines and meters. Additionally, the funds will help us to improve our local water supply.

2019 Water Quality Fee ($/ccf*): $ 0.11

User Classifications Water Budget Allocation
Single Family Residential (“SFR”) Essential Use – Indoor allocation
Efficient Use – Outdoor allocation
Multi-Family Residential (“MFR”) Essential Use – 3-yr average minimum monthly
Efficient Use – 3-yr moving average by month
Commercial-Industrial (“CI”) Essential Use – 3-yr average minimum monthly
Efficient Use – 3-yr moving average by month
Irrigation Only (“IRR”) Essential Outdoor Allocation .42 Landscape Factor
Efficient Outdoor Allocation .70 Landscape Factor
Other (“OTHER”) Essential Use – 3-yr average minimum monthly
Efficient Use – 3-yr moving average by month

Service Charge

Meter Size Monthly Service Charge 2019
5/8″ – 1″ $ 37.77
1-1/2″ $ 113.30
2″ $ 173.74
3″ $ 314.78
4″ $ 516.26
6″ $ 1,019.96
8″ $1,624.40
10″ $ 2,329.60

Commodity Rates ($/ccf*)

Tiers CY 2019
Essential Use Tier 1 $ 0.88
Efficient Use Tier 2 $ 1.01
Tier 3 $ 2.86
Tier 4 $ 4.31
Tier 5 $ 5.57
Tier 6 $ 7.16

Elevation Booster Surcharge ($/ccf*)

Area CY 2019
A 1 $ 0.08
A 2 $ 0.61
A 3 $ 1.26
Drought Surcharge $ 0.53

*ccf = hundred cubic feet = 748 gallons. Water use is metered in units of ccf.


Water Budgets

According to American Water Works Association, “water budgets are volumetric allotments of water to customers based on customer-specific characteristics and conservative resource standards.” After completing a thorough study the District implemented the following approach to determine individual water budgets for each customer in the defined customer classes.


Tier % of water budget allocation
Tier 1 0 – 100% Essential Allocation
Tier 2 101% Essential Allocation – 100% Efficient Allocation
Tier 3 101 – 130% Efficient Allocation
Tier 4 131 – 160% Efficient Allocation
Tier 5 161 – 190% Efficient Allocation
Tier 6 191% and Above Efficient Allocation

For residential customers, the indoor allocation is based on an average of 4 occupants per home providing an allotment of 66 gallons per capita per day (GPCD). Adjustments for additional occupants can be requested by submitting an Adjustment Application (or Variance) to the District. These applications may be obtained from the District office or website and will require supporting documentation and approval.

The outdoor allocation is based on irrigable area (“IA”) determined by the total square footage of the parcel from assessor’s data and the amount of water required to maintain a healthy landscape. For residential customers, the irrigable area is estimated to be 50 percent of the total parcel area. For irrigation only customers, the irrigable area is assumed to be 100 percent of total parcel area.

The amount of water needed for irrigation is based on:

  • Weather: determined by evapotranspiration (ET0) data gathered from CIMIS weather station #197. CIMIS Station Information
  • Landscape factor: the State of California Code of Regulations Title 23, Section 491 provides a landscape factor (“LF”) adjustment of 70 percent to the amount of water needed for irrigation to encourage conservation
  • Conservation factor: approved by District Board to account for water supply shortages (currently set at 100%)

To calculate the customer-specific monthly water budget allocation, the following equations can be used:

  • Indoor allocation = GPCD * Household Size * Days per billing cycle / (748 gallons/ccf)
  • Outdoor allocation = (ET0/(12in/ft))* IA * LF * conservation factor / (100 ft3 / 1 ccf)

The tiers for non-residential customers will be revised when the Board declares a water supply emergency and mandatory cutbacks in water usage.

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Elevation Zones

In November of 2000, the District established a surcharge to pass on the increased costs of delivering water to customers in higher elevation zones. This surcharge continues under the current rate structure.

The District is divided into four (4) elevation service zones, download Elevation Service Zone map. The northern most area is defined as the “Base Area”, while moving south the Zone structure includes “Area 1”, “Area 2”, and “Area 3”. If you are in Areas A1, A2, or A3, you will be charged an elevation booster surcharge based on the water units you use ($/ccf) as shown in the preceding tables.

These charges are based on the actual pumping costs and are re-evaluated every five years.


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The standard allocation for a household is 4 people. If your household number exceeds 4 people you may be eligible for a rate adjustment. View the Allocation Estimator for additional information.

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Bill Format

At first glance, understanding your monthly water bill can seem a challenging task for both new and existing Palmdale Water District customers. View a breakdown and explanation of a typical statement to better understand what each field on your bill actually means.

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