Water Bill Estimator

The purpose of this estimator is only to provide you with an ESTIMATE of your water bill based on a specific monthly usage volume. Your actual water bill may vary from the calculator’s estimate depending on the actual length of the billing cycle, any other potential bill adjustments or fees. The estimator assumes a 30-day billing cycle, 7000 square foot, and 4 occupants, unless changed by the user. Actual billing cycles may vary throughout the year.

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Cubic feet of water used per month. Click here to find this on your previous bill.

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Please enter your square footage. If you are unsure, you may leave this option unchanged, but please note it will default to 7000 sq. ft.

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Tier Rate Usage (CCF) alt=”ccf usage box” Max Qty Tier Usage Total
Tier1 0 0 0
Tier2 0 0 0
Tier3 0 0 0
Tier4 0 0 0
Tier5 0 0 0
Tier 6 0 0

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