Construction Water

The Palmdale Water District provides temporary construction meters for construction water needs such as dust control, grading, pavement, concrete, trenching, etc. All requests for construction water shall be made on an approved application form, available for download from the District’s website or at the District offices located at 2029 East Avenue Q, Second Floor, Palmdale CA 93550. Construction water for rough grading is limited to single lot projects (see Palmdale Water District Rules and Regulations, Article 9, Section 9.04 for requirements) and is not available for multiple lot projects due to the large quantities required for rough grading operations and the potential for several multiple lot projects being constructed at one time which could adversely affect the availability of water necessary to meet normal domestic demands. Construction water may only be used within the Palmdale Water District’s service boundaries. All costs and deposits will be required to be paid in advance by the applicant prior to the District scheduling of installation of temporary construction meter. Costs are as follows:

Construction Water Meter Deposit: $1,000.00
(Refundable as long as meter is returned in same condition as it was prior to installation)

Set-up Fee: $250.00
(Fee for District staff to install or relocate construction meter)

Construction Water Deposit: $TBD
(Deposit to cover water usage. Deposit determined based on applicant’s anticipated usage or for single lot rough grading projects, based on the quantities for rough grading operations shown on the approved grading plans)

In order to accommodate the need for additional resources for temporary construction water needs, specifically for multiple lot rough grading operations, the Palmdale Water District is currently working with the City of Palmdale to make recycled water available as an alternative to potable water. Upon approval, the District will facilitate review and approval of the applications and the applicant will be responsible for all costs of the temporary service as well as delivery of the water to their respective project locations within the District’s service boundaries. More information will be provided as the Palmdale Water District and the City of Palmdale are continuing work to develop a timeframe for implementation.

Applications for temporary construction meters may be submitted to the Palmdale Water District’s Engineering Department for review and approval. If you have any additional questions you may contact the Engineering Department at (661) 456-1023 for further assistance.

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