Xeriscape: Introduction

Xeriscape: Introduction

California PoppiesEffective water use doesn't mean changing your lifestyle. It means reducing water waste, such as improper irrigation or landscape choices. Xeriscape is a means to achieve highly attractive, comfortable landscapes without excess water use.For most of the country over fifty percent of residential water used is applied to landscape and lawns. Xeriscape can reduce landscape water use by seventy percent or more.

Your landscape is an investment in your comfort and in the value of your property. A good Xeriscape will increase your property value by as much as 15%. You can protect and beautify your landscape investment by drought-proofing it.

The concept of Xeriscape was developed in Denver, Colorado, in response to water shortages.

"Xeros" is a Greek word that means "dry." Xeriscape refers to a landscape that uses little supplemental water. It does not refer to a dry, barren landscape, nor is a Xeriscape a "no maintenance" landscape. Xeriscape helps extend water supplies. When water use is restricted, inefficient water-thirsty landscapes suffer first.

Like traditional landscapes, a Xeriscape may be designed to minimize labor or to require frequent care. Many people appreciate beautiful landscapes, but have limited time to spend tending a garden. By using plants that are well adapted, mulches that suppress weeds and conserve water, and drip irrigation to make the most use of water, these landscapes can have color and fragrance with only monthly or seasonal gardening chores.

Gardeners who like to spend time in the garden can design a xeriscape to be as labor intensive as a highly maintained traditional garden, but use much less water. There is a Xeriscape for every gardener.

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